About Monaè

Welcome to the Monaé life! I am all about the hair and want you to live — and create — your best hair life. For the past 20 years, I have experienced just about every hair-raising situation imaginable working with the industry’s top celebrities, editorials and shoots and everything in-between. I’m here to help take you to the next level of your hairstyling powers.

As a licensed hairstylist and texture expert, I want everybody to win. And I want to see better hair. That means more diversity in hair textures and styles. Hair that looks good from all angles. Hair that looks as good in photographs as it does in person.

Let's Style!

I want to help take hairstylists to the next level of their hairstyling powers. Whether you are a beginning student or a pro who’s been behind the chair for 15 years, I can help you design a road map to better hairstyling. Learn (or relearn) how to style wavy, curly and kinky/coily hair; master the art of the finish; and learn how to get the hairstyle you want in a time crunch. 

Let's Talk!

It’s not just about being behind the chair, it’s also about having the confidence, know-how and savvy to appreciate and celebrate all hair textures.

There’s no such thing as bad hair.

So let’s talk about it and make it real — for stylists, for consumers, and for brands.