“O Magazine Live Your Best Life” Weekend

Reggie Wells and Monae Everett at the “O Magazine Live Your Best Life” weekend

This life of a professional hair and makeup artist has opened many doors. I had the pleasure to work for L’Oreal Paris at Oprah “O Magazine Live Your Best Life”  weekend celebration in NYC. This celebration marked the 10th anniversary of Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine. Ms. Winfrey brought in ten product lines that give to ten different charities. L’Oreal Paris’ “The Color of Hope” charity has helped to raise more than $18 million in the fight against ovarian cancer. The funds help to promote awareness and advance research about ovarian cancer.

The fight against ovarian cancer is a very personal and important cause for me. It was an honor to work on this major event, which focused on promoting a great life and taking care of one’s self, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I worked as a hair color expert for L’Oreal Paris. I recommended hair styling products and hair color that worked for each individual. Though it was a long and busy day, I gave product recommendations at least 80 women.  It was absolutely amazing. It was great to see so many women who are happy, smiling, and eager to learn. I learned that many women just need a few helpful tips to understand the vast variety of hair options on the market.

Johnny Lavoy at the “O Magazine Live Your Best Life” weekend

It felt great to work beside wonderful artists such as Johnny Lavoy (L’Oreal Hair Expert) and meet the legendary Reggie Wells, Oprah Winfrey’s longtime makeup artist.

I look forward to other opportunities to display my talent.


The long lines at L’Oreal both for hair and makeup. “O Magazine Live Your Best Life” weekend.

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